Sharon and Fred Wilharm – 4 questions

We first met Sharon Campbell Wilharm, along with her husband Fred, when we volunteered to be 'background actors' for her newest project - the 'Summer of '67' movie -  which was being filmed in and around parts of Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. Upon reading  about Fred and Sharon on one of Sharon's blogs, we find... Continue Reading →

Where is your Dash?

via Daily Prompt: Dash Where is your Dash? Is it in the waking up, fresh and raring to go each morning? Or is it in the mid-morning ready-to-go spirit? How about the lunch-time Dash? Getting out and going is always good for you. Lie around and die, is what I've always heard. Sure, your body... Continue Reading →

Background Extras: Where to start…

   Photos from 'Boulevard' Movie, (1) Billy in the opening credits scene, playing solitaire at a table behind Robin Williams and his 'father' in the movie, at the nursing home. (2) Back of my head in the movie 'Boulevard', shown sitting at a table with another background actor to my right, as Robin Williams gets... Continue Reading →

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