Where is your Dash?

dashvia Daily Prompt: Dash

Where is your Dash? Is it in the waking up, fresh and raring to go each morning?
Or is it in the mid-morning ready-to-go spirit?

How about the lunch-time Dash? Getting out and going is always good for you.
Lie around and die, is what I’ve always heard.

Sure, your body needs rest sometimes. But don’t rest too long or too often, or you may lose the skills of moving up and moving on.

So keep your Dash going, constantly. Don’t stop, don’t rest too long on your laurels, lest your Dash goes away.

Don’t lose your Dash as you get older. Don’t sit back and reflect on past achievements.
Keep your Dash going, going, going…by staying young of mind, even if the body no longer agrees with your young mind.

(This article is brought to you today by the word Dash, also known as the symbol between the date of birth and date of death such as: His life was from 1911 –  1983. So keep that Dash interesting, vital, relevant, and remarkable. After all, that Dash is your life!)

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