This blog is the property of Nancy P. Goodman, in Tennessee. Here I may decide to publish almost anything that I have written or photographed, in order to preserve such items for future generations or for my own use.

I have several websites where I either write, or sing, or display photos I have taken. I was formerly a writer for Examiner.com, and formerly wrote for Associated Content and Yahoo Voices. Currently listed as an ‘AXS Contributor’ for AXS.com.

I have webpages on RootsWeb ‘free pages’ on much of my genealogy work, titled ‘Genealogy and Tennessee’ and I will try to get copies of them posted on this blog as I am able to do so.

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  1. Hey Nancy,

    I’m trying to print some pictures for tonight’s presentation to the IDB and there are several of yours that I’d like to include. Can you please email them to me today?
    Thanks so much!


  2. Hi Caroline In April 2018 I sent you photos of the flooding on South Valley Rd, but I never did hear if you rec’d them? Or the results of your meeting.at the Sumner County Commission.regarding the flooding situation at our dead end road., Thanks Nancy Goodman, email genny1 at aol.com


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