NashvilleSingerSongwriterFriends 8/29/2016 #1–Alyssa Jacey

My Nashville Music blog for 8/29/2016, 1st Edition - spotlight on Alyssa Jacey. From Enjoy! *** Alyssa Jacey updated her cover photo.   Alyssa said: (on August 30th) -   IT'S OUT! IT'S OUT! IT'S OUT!!!!!…/i-want-it-to-rain-s…/id1146631165 ***   Alyssa Jacey Alyssa said on August 29th:   It's my last day in Gothenburg, and... Continue Reading →


NashvilleSingerSongwriterFriends 08/04/16 #1

Nashville Music: August 4th already, my - the time does fly! Here is another edition, 1st today for my @NancyG43blog. *** #NashvilleMusic Nashville Music #LiveMusic #NashvilleLiveMusic Nashville Live Music Live Music Alyssa Jacey said: GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! My song 'Heart Breathe' has been nominated for the 2016 Tennessee Songwriters Association InternationalSong Cut of the... Continue Reading →

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