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“America, Just Get To it!”

By Nancy P. Goodman April 6, 2020 For America, which is in the middle of the Covid19, Corona Virus crisis at this time. I love to write, I love to sing songs. Put it all together. What do you get? Here's what I came up with "America, Just Get To It!" "America, Just Get To... Continue Reading →

What’s your new ‘normal’?

April 6, 2020 By: Nancy P. Goodman No one expected this. Stop going out to meet and eat with family and friends. Stop congregating with a crowd, even for church services. No crowd larger than 10 folks anywhere to be found. What is it? It's the Covid19. Corona Virus. And it hit town last month,... Continue Reading →

Wilson County Tennessee residents, Where did they go? Genealogy and Tennessee website

By Nancy P. Goodman (posted on February27, 2020) <!-- saved from url=(0075)http://web.archive.org/web/20020816144029/members.aol.com/genny1/where.htm Wilson County Tennessee residents, Where did they go? Genealogy and Tennessee website GENEALOGY AND TENNESSEE WEB SITE EARLY WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE RESIDENTS "WHERE DID THEY GO?" By: Nancy P. Goodman -- From: DWENDTE@aol.com Miles - Humansville, Polk County, MO. From: "Courtney Tompkins" <... Continue Reading →

How To Demistify The Fine Print

By Nancy P. Goodman We needed to order a replacement charger/adapter for a laptop, but the print was too small on the old one for normal eyes to be able to read. Here's how I solved that problem: I used my phone camera and enlarged the print, then snapped a photo. Viola! Now the easy-to-read... Continue Reading →

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