Why Crystal Bowersox Should Win American Idol

By Nancy P. Goodman
Previously published by this author on (now-defunct) Associated Content web pages.
Posted here on July 20, 2020

Why Crystal Bowersox Should Win American Idol



Who is Crystal Bowersox? Why should she win American Idol. Here are a few reasons why Crystal is the one to beat.

Will Crystal Bowersox win American Idol? The writing is certainly on the wall if the judges have anything to say about it. Crystal Bowersox has been extremely powerful in her live performances so far on American Idol. Will she win the popular vote?

Crystal Bowersox had an episode with diabetes last week that prevented her from performing. While the guys performed instead last week, Crystal was trying to get healthy. She came back the following night with another terrific performance to only enhance her chances to win American Idol.

But why will she win American Idol? Here are a few reasons why Crystal Bowersox is the one to beat on American Idol.

She has the judges endorsement.

Anytime the judges are endorsing you on American Idol, that’s a big thing. It might not help you win the entire contest but it certainly will help you get far. Crystal Bowersox is going to be around for some time on American Idol because the judges think she is the one to beat. If there is any downside to this, maybe America will resent her if the judges continue to lay it on thick after she performs. Crystal Bowersox will have a reasonable chance to win American Idol because the judges recognize her talent.

She is one of the few true artists on the show.

It may sound cliche but Crystal Bowersox is one of the few true artists on American Idol. How many other performers have brought up a guitar and harmonica? Crystal Bowersox has the strength of Alannis Morrissette and Melissa Etheridge in her voice. She has her own style and she hasn’t missed a beat during live performances.

Crystal Bowersox is real.

You know exactly what you are voting for when you vote for Crystal Bowersox. Many people who wonder “who is Crystal Bowersox?” in the early stages now have a consistent answer each week. Crystal Bowersox is the woman who stands her ground and just does her thing. She’s one of the most real performers to ever have graced the stage of American Idol.

Who else is going to beat her?

Let’s face it. This year the talent level isn’t as high in some years past. Who is going to be able to beat Crystal Bowersox in a one on one competition down the stretch? It doesn’t seem feasible that many of the current performers have the potential to upstage Crystal. They don’t seem to have the talent she has but that remains to be seen. Crystal Bowersox could win by a simple process of elimination.

There are a few reasons why I believe Crystal Bowersox might not win American Idol. The American public might not accept someone who doesn’t appear as glamorous. She doesn’t have the commercial appeal that a Casey James may have. Crystal Bowersox said that she never dreamed of being on a show like American Idol. It doesn’t make sense completely that she is even on the show. Maybe Crystal Bowersox would prefer not to win since it’s a popularity contest. It doesn’t seem quite her style and I think voters will grow to appreciate the fact that she isn’t up on stage trying to win votes. I think most people now know the answer to the question “who is Crystal Bowersox?” She’s the talented original who is going to do her thing-like it or not.

Editor’s note: This was written  in 2010.
From Wikipedia – ‘Crystal Lynn Bowersox …runner-up 9th season of American Idol.’

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