Blue Moon Photos and Pics Big Buzz of Net on New Year’s Day?

By Nancy P. Goodman
Previously published by this author on (now defunct) Associated Content web pages.
Posted here on July 20, 2020.

Blue Moon Photos and Pics Big Buzz of Net on New Year’s Day?



Blue Moon photos and pics will be the big buzz on New Year’s Day.

Blue Moon photos and pictures will be a big buzz on New Year’s Eve and Day. There will be a rare Blue Moon tonight for New Year’s Eve so many will scramble to take and post photos and pics of the occurrence. The only problem is the moon technically won’t be blue. In other words, the Blue Moon won’t be a Blue Moon. So why is a blue moon called a blue moon? The term Blue Moon refers to a second full moon within a month. It has nothing to do with it’s color. Kind of disappointing, huh? I was just about to grab my telephoto lens when I realized a Blue Moon isn’t actually blue. So what’s the point? It’s historical.

In fact, it’s very rare that a Blue Moon occurs. It was 1990 the last time a Blue Moon took place. The next Blue Moon won’t happen until 2028. So enjoy the Blue Moon and take pictures if you like. Just remember the Blue Moon photos and pics won’t really be blue unless you decide to photoshop it. My guess is some will ‘photoshop’ their own Blue Moon and post pics and photos across the net. I kind of prefer a red moon so please remember that when you are posting photos and pics. Green, orange and purple aren’t bad either.

It’s kind of sad people scrambling to take photos and pictures of a Blue Moon will get just a pic and photo of a full moon. It’s nothing to write home about but it’ll make New Year’s Eve a little more colorful, minus the color of course.

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