Brett Favre Leno Video Reveals Little About Retirement

By Nancy P. Goodman
This article was previously published by this author on (now-defunct) Associated Content web pages.
Posted here on July 20, 2020

Brett Favre Leno Video Reveals Little About Retirement



Brett Favre was on Jay Leno. He revealed little about his potential retirement.

A Brett Favre on Jay Leno video reveals little about his possible retirement. The Brett Favre video, which can be seen here on (no longer available, sorry) didn’t unmask his future plans for 2010. There was no considerable evidence either way concerning his retirement plans on The Tonight Show.

Favre was greeted with a round of cheers as he walked on the set. He said his biggest achievement this year was “winning over Vikings fans” who had hated him for years.

The Brett Favre Jay Leno video then gets into his playing days with New York. The Mississippi boy said he enjoyed playing in New York other than getting injured. Leno then asks Favre about his “Pants on the Ground” video. “It was very spontaneous,” said Favre. Leno then served up the “Pants on the Ground” video as a reminder on The Tonight Show. The “Pants on the Ground” video was a huge hit with The Tonight Show audience.

Favre also talked about his streak of not missing a game. “People say you are tough. I say probably pretty stupid, too.” Favre admitted he probably shouldn’t have played after breaking the thumb on his throwing hand.

The entire Favre Jay Leno video lasts nearly 10 minutes. It’s a good segment that serves as good comedy but little retirement information.

The big question was finally asked about whether Favre will retire or not? Leno put Favre on the spot after showing his Super Bowl commercial that shows Favre still playing in 2020.

“What are your thoughts on next year?” Leno asks inquisitively.

“Listen, Jay, it’s only been a month. I know now I am not going to say anything soon,” said Favre.

Leno then had a brief retirement party for Favre-which resulted in Favre replying that he wasn’t ready to give an answer to the question.

“I haven’t made a decision yet,” said Favre. So then Leno says “He’s staying! Congratulations! One more year! One more year! The coach asked me to give this to you, it’s the Minnesota Vikings playbook.”

The audience cheers as the show goes to break and we are left with nothing about a potential Brett Favre retirement. In other words, it’s back to square. Will Brett Favre retire? Early indications say it’s a good possibility. He is Brett Favre, though. I would expect his decision to come soon before the start of camp. I don’t think Brett Favre knows what he wants to do right now. Favre just enjoyed one of his best seasons ever with the Vikings.

If I had to guess, I would say you’d have to drag Favre off the field before he leaves the game of football. He loves it that much and I can’t imagine he’ll walk away when he played so well.

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