‘Chicago Code’ Season Finale: Does Superintendent Teresa Colvin Bag Alderman Gibbons? (2011)

By Nancy P. Goodman
Previously published by this author on (now-defunct) Associated Content web pages.
Posted here on July 20, 2020.

‘Chicago Code’ TV Show Season Finale: Does Superintendent Teresa Colvin Bag Alderman Gibbons?

We Did Not Want to See This Action Packed Show, Chicago Code, Go Off the Air After Only One Season


Chicago Code TV Show, with Superintendent Teresa Colvin, Alderman Gibbons, Officer Wysocki and more, only 1 season defined this great show, Chicago Code should come back next season, great show, good acting!

Chicago Code Season Finale: Does Superintendent Teresa Colvin Bag Alderman Gibbons?

The entire season has had one emphasis for Police Superintendent Teresa Colvin: Get Alerman Gibbons!

The news for fans of ‘Chicago Code’ was not good when we learned this new show had not been renewed for another season.

So even more poignant was tonight’s season finale, being an also ‘show finale’.

Officer Jarek Wysocki gets so mad that he quits when Superintendent Teresa says she is going after Alderman Gibbons in spite of Wysocki’s request to give him more time to find out who murdered his police officer brother 15 years ago.

When Wysocki confronts the man he thought had killed his brother (the Irish mobster) and finds out it was not him, he then goes to the home of his brother’s mistress. Turns out she had been left with a stash of cash that brother had took in as a ‘dirty cop’ and she had used most of it to pay off the mortgage on her house.

Wysocki continues to dig for info and goes through his brother’s files and found a video tape in which his brother actually did admit to being a ‘dirty cop’ before he was murdered.

The Irish mobster had been persuaded to ‘turn state’s evidence’ against Gibbons because his daughter was charged with shooting the undercover cop, Liam Hennessey, and he was going to be ‘relocated’ by the FBI.

But before he could testify in court, he was gunned down by Alderman Gibbons’ sweet thing girlfriend. So, with that blowing Superintendent Teresa’s plan to nab Alderman Gibbons, she was ready to have her resignation take place, when Wysocki walks in with his brother’s file on Gibbons. The file included evidence against Gibbons, including wire taps.

Next thing we see, Gibbons is at a city or county meeting, lambasting Superintendent Teresa for her failure to curtail the rampant corruption when in walks Teresa and Wysocki, late to the meeting.

Gibbons smartly offers Teresa a chance to speak, and she takes the occasion to announce that she is arresting him for corruption and fraud, and as he is led away in handcuffs, he is still shouting out, ‘I am innocent, I am innocent!’ and telling Teresa “Your days in Chicago are numbered!” and Teresa tells him, “However many days I have here, is still more than you have!”

We do see him in a lonely jail cell before the end of the show. We also see Wysocki reconnecting with his ex-financee (they broke up because Wysocki kept dating his ex-wife and still loves her), and then we see Teresa in a hotel bar, chatting up some good looking, personable guy who says he is passing through, and is from Pittsburg, and she tells him she is from Denver, set to leave in a couple of days, and that she always wanted to see what the rooms at the hotel were like.

All in all, we enjoyed this show over it’s one and only season, and hate to see it go. Maybe it will gain a second life somewhere along the way? Great cast of characters, interesting premise, stirring action and yes, tug of the heartstrings occasionally.

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Chicago Code TV Show, seen on Fox TV Network, 2011 season

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