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“No One Lives There Anymore”

"No One Lives There Anymore" ‎Sunday, ‎26 ‎October, ‎2014 12:14:48 PM By Nancy P. Goodman posted online April 8, 2020 No one lives there anymore no one darkens now the door what is that house still standing for when no one lives there anymore it once was a well-beloved home (it was once) but now... Continue Reading →

“America, Just Get To it!”

By Nancy P. Goodman April 6, 2020 For America, which is in the middle of the Covid19, Corona Virus crisis at this time. I love to write, I love to sing songs. Put it all together. What do you get? Here's what I came up with "America, Just Get To It!" "America, Just Get To... Continue Reading →

What’s your new ‘normal’?

April 6, 2020 By: Nancy P. Goodman No one expected this. Stop going out to meet and eat with family and friends. Stop congregating with a crowd, even for church services. No crowd larger than 10 folks anywhere to be found. What is it? It's the Covid19. Corona Virus. And it hit town last month,... Continue Reading →

Wilson County Tennessee residents, Where did they go? Genealogy and Tennessee website

By Nancy P. Goodman (posted on February27, 2020) <!-- saved from url=(0075)http://web.archive.org/web/20020816144029/members.aol.com/genny1/where.htm Wilson County Tennessee residents, Where did they go? Genealogy and Tennessee website GENEALOGY AND TENNESSEE WEB SITE EARLY WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE RESIDENTS "WHERE DID THEY GO?" By: Nancy P. Goodman -- From: DWENDTE@aol.com Miles - Humansville, Polk County, MO. From: "Courtney Tompkins" <... Continue Reading →

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