“Mama Said It Was Hard Times”

“Mama Said It Was Hard Times”
By Nancy P. Goodman
written and
recorded Sept 5 2014

Mama said
it was hard times
back in the day
and you never knew
never knew
when they’d take your job away

then you’d be in that soup line
asking for
‘just a little more bread’
I said, mama
aren’t you
talking about today instead?

mama said
it was not easy
being poor or on the street
i said, mama, i do believe
that i do know
just what you mean

mama said
there were no tv’s
telling us what was going on
i said
mama, i’m gonna write
and sell us a song

mama said
it was hard times
that came knocking at our door
mama said
we did not know
when we would ever work anymore

and mama said
i used to worry
about my cupboard bare
mama said
it was hard times
hard times everywhere

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P O Box 863
Hendersonville, TN 37075
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