“I’ll Cry Forever – Dana’s song”

“I’ll Cry Forever – Dana’s song”
By Nancy P Goodman‎
Wednesday, ‎July ‎04, ‎2018
08:42:14 AM
(recorded July 15 2018

i’ll cry forever
i hear your name
i’ll cry forever
nothing is the same
(nothing can be the same)

were one of the good guys
now ceased to be
you were one of the good guys
so (very) special to me

can i ever tell them
how great you were
they don’t know
no they don’t know
there’s just not enough words
(and there’s not enough words)

i’ll remember your smile
and the words you spoke
(and many of the words you spoke)
i’ll remember everthing
even though my heart just broke

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Goodman Publishing
P O Box 863; Hendersonville, TN 37075
email: genny1@aol.com

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