CMA announces music lineup for 2015 LP Field Show

By: Nancy Goodman Mar 5, 2015*

The one and only CMA Music Festival for 2015 will be held in Nashville the week of June 11-14 and the CMA has just announced the music lineup for the LP Field show which is at the end of this festive week. Among the artists will be some of our favorites, including Alan Jackson and Jason Aldean, along with the Oak Ridge Boys and the Band Perry. There will be announcements of more artists as the days go forward and you can check out the names of the newest singers to join in the event at the CMA website.

The CMA Fest started out some years ago as ‘Fan Fair’ and gradually evolved into the CMA Music Festival which celebrates the nature of country music in Nashville, and is said to be unlike any other celebration of music entertainers and singers and that the world has never known anything else like it.

Some photos are in the (previously) attached slideshow of a few of the entertainers who will be performing at the CMA Fest in June, at the LP Field** in Nashville. Check out the CMA website for the complete list of announced performers, and keep up with more as they are added there.

(*Previously published by this author on a now-defunct website.)
(**Note: The LP Field is now known as The Nissan Stadium – home of the Tennessee Titans Football team in Nashville.)

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