Eric Church Covers Skynyrd at Record-Breaking Nashville Show

By: Nancy Goodman Mar 15, 2015*

One of the many young and talented Nashville singers that we like to hear and to watch is semi-newcomer, Eric Church. It seems every song he bring out is a good one and one that we really do enjoy hearing. We especially liked “Springsteen” and now it’s “Talledega,” plus we loved the one about “Give Me Back My Home Town.”

Now we (previously) have a video titled “Eric Church Covers Skynyrd at Record-Breaking Nashville Show,” (a show we missed seeing, by the way) and we think we would have really loved this record-breaking event, especially if Eric was singing some of our favorite Skynyrd songs.

You can listen to Eric Church on his YouTube channel at: Eric Church/Vevo and find his schedule on his webpage at: Eric

(*Previously published by this author on a now-defunct website.)

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