“America, Just Get To it!”

By Nancy P. Goodman April 6, 2020 For America, which is in the middle of the Covid19, Corona Virus crisis at this time. I love to write, I love to sing songs. Put it all together. What do you get? Here's what I came up with "America, Just Get To It!" "America, Just Get To... Continue Reading →

Nashville Traffic, Hendersonville ByPass, Hwy 386

#NashvilleTraffic On our way to Lebanon, through Gallatin Tennessee today, we noticed the traffic on the Hendersonville ByPass (Hwy 386) was stopped dead still. (about 10 a.m. or so...) Then as we traveled on toward Gallatin, we saw the southbound entrance to the ByPass was blocked off by a county truck and several police cars...allowing... Continue Reading →

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