“America, Just Get To it!”

By Nancy P. Goodman
April 6, 2020

For America, which is in the middle of the Covid19, Corona Virus crisis at this time.
I love to write, I love to sing songs. Put it all together. What do you get?

Here’s what I came up with

“America, Just Get To It!”

“America, Just Get To it!”
Written & sung by: Nancy P. Goodman
Monday, ‎6 ‎April, ‎2020
04:51:29 PM
(while watching President Trump give an update on Covid19
recorded April 6, 2020

United States of
you can do it
(you can do it)
just reach out your hands
(just reach your hands out
just get to it
just get to it

you can be what
you want to be
follow along
say with me
i can do what i can do
just like in this song
you can do it, too
just get to it
cause you can do it too
doodle, doot doot do. doo doot doot do
doodle, doot doot do

when you know there’s light
at end of the tunnel
and ya know we’re all
in it together too

put on your gloves
and your masks
and just go!
get to the tasks

put on your gloves
and masks
and just go!
get to the tasks

no it’s not
it’s not
too much to ask

(All rights reserved Worldwide by Nancy P. Goodman
Goodman Publishing, P O Box 863
Hendersonville, TN 37075
email: genny1@aol.com

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Hate it?
Say so, that’s your right!
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