Nashville Traffic, Hendersonville ByPass, Hwy 386

#NashvilleTraffic On our way to Lebanon, through Gallatin Tennessee today, we noticed the traffic on the Hendersonville ByPass (Hwy 386) was stopped dead still. (about 10 a.m. or so…)
Then as we traveled on toward Gallatin, we saw the southbound entrance to the ByPass was blocked off by a county truck and several police cars…allowing no traffic at all onto the ByPass.
I texted our daughter, asked her to see what she could find about a problem on the ByPass…she sent back information that a tanker truck had wrecked and the ByPass was closed down.
We continued on to Lebanon for lunch, then on our return home, traffic was bad on Gallatin Rd. Our daughter had said the ByPass is closed down until 4:30 pm so we went home Gallatin Rd instead of the ByPass.As we edged our way back toward home through the ton of traffic, I snapped some photos of the traffic as we were traveling and I will post some of those..

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