Until Nashville is full…

Some more-or-less random thoughts today., an opinion piece, if you will.. In a land far, far away, many folks have an eye on making a trip to Nashville, Tennessee USA, and we are hearing reports that an average of 100 people a day are moving to Music City USA. Every trip downtown shows more and... Continue Reading →

Sharon and Fred Wilharm – 4 questions

We first met Sharon Campbell Wilharm, along with her husband Fred, when we volunteered to be 'background actors' for her newest project - the 'Summer of '67' movie -  which was being filmed in and around parts of Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. Upon reading  about Fred and Sharon on one of Sharon's blogs, we find... Continue Reading →

Gas Prices Nashville Tn area July 11, 2017

In and around Hendersonville, right outside Nashville, Tennessee USA, some photos of gas prices at the pumps from today's lunchtime excursion. July 11 2017 The one at the Shell Station (close to the Post Office) missed the price, so we'll get it again another day. The Mapco ($1.93) is the one located on the corner... Continue Reading →

The Best Website that is no more

My tale of The Best Website that is no more (written in 2010 and published on Associated Content/Yahoo Voices) A sad tale of lost data, lost work, lost friendships, lost in the wild-blue-yonder of an Internet 'no-mans-land'. Having been a loyal subscriber to 'AOL' since the onset of my Internet experience (OK, I was on... Continue Reading →

Where is your Dash?

via Daily Prompt: Dash Where is your Dash? Is it in the waking up, fresh and raring to go each morning? Or is it in the mid-morning ready-to-go spirit? How about the lunch-time Dash? Getting out and going is always good for you. Lie around and die, is what I've always heard. Sure, your body... Continue Reading →

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