Until Nashville is full…

Some more-or-less random thoughts today., an opinion piece, if you will..

In a land far, far away, many folks have an eye on making a trip to Nashville, Tennessee USA, and we are hearing reports that an average of 100 people a day are moving to Music City USA.

Every trip downtown shows more and more units of housing being built or just finished. Everywhere we look, we see cranes in the air, building more and more apartments, condo units or hotels.

Until Nashville is full of people, there seems to still be room to grow. Some of the latest celebrations of one kind or another, have garnered huge crowds in this city – to the point that some of us are thinking…no, I don’t want to be in that big of a crowd, not for sports, not for fireworks, not for music, not for anything.

What to do then? If we don’t go downtown to celebrate various occasions with the rest of the world, how are we to get entertainment to suit us?

There is only so much to entertain on television these days…nothing new under the sun, or so it seems at times. (Of course, when you’re watching ‘antennae TV’ it does somewhat put a limit on the shows you can watch.)

We subscribe to the online subscription video-on-demand service, Hulu, currently, in order to watch the ‘day-after’ reruns of our favorite ‘Nashville’ CMT TV show. We have tried Netflix (another online subscription service) in the past and may do so again, at some point. (We mostly subscribed to it in order to watch the Aziz Anares show ‘Masters of None: Nashville episode” so we could see ourselves playing background actors or extras as the ‘featured elderly couple’ who were ‘aghast and shocked’ at the ‘clod-hopping dancing’ that Aziz was instructing his ‘girlfriend’ to do in front of us at a bar in downtown Nashville.)

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