Explore your family tree – article published in Nashville Banner

Several years ago I went to the Nashville Banner and suggested a genealogy query column, with me supplying the questions for the column until it could generate enough interest from readers. The paper decided to publish the column and put writer David Logsdon as the editor of it. I did supply all of the first... Continue Reading →


‘All Saints’ movie – a review

Of course some may call us prejudiced, but when we attended the premiere screening for the new movie 'All Saints' at the Malco Smryna Cinema in Smyrna, Tennessee, on August 3, 2017 - we were really impressed with how great it turned out to be. Told from the perspective of the new minister of the... Continue Reading →

A clock that’s never right…

We have several clocks in the house, and most of them are the 'radio-controlled' kind which set themselves. ┬áThis is very convenient, especially when daylight savings time in Middle Tennessee turns on or off 'round here. Most of our clocks work okay keeping time, but then, there's always the exception to the rule. The clock... Continue Reading →

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