Gas Prices in Nashville area August 1, 2017

Since the fuel or gas tax increase in Tennessee on July 1, we have been watching the gas prices closely, sometimes taking photos for our blog.

Today the photos are from the Hendersonville TN USA area. Gas prices ranged from $2.04 at Speedway on Gallatin Road (beside Intown Suites) to $2.15 at Shell on New Shackle Island Road. Keystop on New Shackle Island Road was unreadable in my photo, so I will have to check it again later on. The Shell on the road by the Post Office was #2.13. Kroger was $2.05 (at Glenbrook).
Mapco and Dodge Store at Center Point & Gallatin Rd: $2.09. BP at Saunders Ferry & Gallatin Road was $2.09.

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