A clock that’s never right…

We have several clocks in the house, and most of them are the ‘radio-controlled’ kind which set themselves.  This is very convenient, especially when daylight savings time in Middle Tennessee turns on or off ’round here. Most of our clocks work okay keeping time, but then, there’s always the exception to the rule.

The clock in the bathroom is very arbitrary. It shows what time it wants to, when it wants to. – with no rhyme or reason.  No matter if I put a new battery in or not.  No matter if I reset the time zone on it or not That clock is wrong all of the time. I guess the main reason I’m keeping it running is that, after all, nothing is perfect, and that is such a perfect example and such a case in point of the imperfection of all things.

Wrong time on the left, right time on the right.

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