Sharon and Fred Wilharm – 4 questions

We first met Sharon Campbell Wilharm, along with her husband Fred, when we volunteered to be ‘background actors’ for her newest project – the ‘Summer of ’67’ movie –  which was being filmed in and around parts of Middle Tennessee and Kentucky.
Upon reading  about Fred and Sharon on one of Sharon’s blogs, we find these two are sort of ‘accidental’ filmmakers and although it may have been an accidental beginning, it now appears to be a permanent vocation for this couple. Sharon was generous to give up a bit of her busy time (after the movie is filmed, all the preparation and work for the final release of it) to answer these four questions for our interview today.

Q. What are you doing these days that you absolutely LOVE?

Sharon: Before and during filming of a movie, all the pressure’s on me. Now that we’ve moved into post-production of Summer of ‘67, the pressure moves to Fred. He’s in the midst of editing the first pass, then we’ll start the fine tuning. While editing can be stressful trying to determine the best way to put together all the pieces, plus there’s always a dose of technical issues thrown in, as a rule, Fred enjoys the challenge.

I’m busy with branding, building an audience, and paving the way for the release of Summer of ’67. As part of that, I’m working on a new blog called Mis-en-scene, which is a film term meaning “everything in the picture”. I’ll be writing about all the different aspects that go into a film picture – color, costume, set design, locations, composition – but covering it from a general audience point of view rather than just for the industry. I’ve always loved vintage fashions so I’m excited to get to blog about it.

Q.  Tell about your latest project and when it is due out?

Sharon: Summer of ’67 is a Vietnam War story told from the female perspective. It’s based in part on my parents’ story as I grew up hearing about my dad being on the USS Forrestal in the Vietnam War. The story follows three young women as they deal with the pressures brought on by the war. We’re getting it ready to release in film festivals starting spring 2018, then release in theaters Veterans Day weekend.

Q. What haven’t you done yet that you want to?

Sharon: Film-making has always been Fred’s dream. My dream has been to travel the country as a public speaker. We’re hoping that with the release of this movie that there will be more opportunities for me to speak. I love teaching at film festivals, but would also love to talk at women’s events or other general audience events. We’re both excited to be able to pass along the baton to younger filmmakers, helping them on their journeys.

Q. What do you see in the future?


Sharon: Hopefully Summer of ’67 will take off and really resonate with audiences. We look forward to traveling to film festivals, speaking/teaching, and then traveling with the movie once it’s released.

To learn more about Summer of ’67 people can check out our website at MainStreet Productions and follow us on Facebook:Summer of ’67 Movie and Twitter:Summer of ’67. We invite others to join us on our film-making journey and get a glimpse into all that goes into the making of a movie.


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