Gas Prices Nashville Tn area July 11, 2017

In and around Hendersonville, right outside Nashville, Tennessee USA, some photos of gas prices at the pumps from today’s lunchtime excursion. July 11 2017

The one at the Shell Station (close to the Post Office) missed the price, so we’ll get it again another day. The Mapco ($1.93) is the one located on the corner of Sanders Ferry Rd and Gallatin Road.  The Exxon ($2.03) is the one in front of the Waffle House, just before the entrance to get on the ByPass.

The Speedway ($1.89) is at the corner of Gallatin Road right beside the In-Town Suites. The Dodge Store ($1.99) is just before getting to Center Point Road as you travel toward Nashville, and the Mapco ($1.89) is right across from the Dodge Store, corner of Center Pt Road and Gallatin Rd.

Some, but not all, of the gas stations have a ‘loyalty card’ you can get and obtain at least a $.03 per gallon discount every purchase.

We have not seen any evidence of gas prices going higher (as feared) due to the state’s $.06 per gallon gas tax increase which became effective July 1, 2017.

More gas prices next time!

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