“Remember Where I Am”

‎'”Remember Where I Am”

Written and sung  by Nancy P. Goodman
posted June 15, 2020

Sunday, ‎December ‎3, ‎2017
07:34:32 AM
from Merriam Webster dictionary:
Synonym Discussion of ‘muse’
…muse suggests a more or less focused daydreaming as in remembrance.
…Today a muse may be one’s special creative spirit

recorded Dec 23 2017

on it’s way up
are on the ground
and you’re
a friend
there’s none
(there are none)
to be found
(can be found)

just remember
where i am
and that
i am
always around

i’m in the wind
and (the) rain
i’m in the snow/grass
upon the ground

i am
the thought that soothes
(some might even call me Muse)
i am the
feeling of love
i am where you are
on the ground
or up above

i can’t /cannot take you by the hand
but i can lead you to me
you might think you saw me
in the leaves of a tree
(an old tree)

i am
your own self
(your own true self)
i am
your destiny
i will always
be around
you can depend on me

i am my own
bestest of friends
i am my own
worst of enemies
but it’s up to me
(it’s only up to me)
and me alone
to be
(just what)
what i can be

All rights reserved by Nancy P. Goodman, worldwide.
email: genny1@aol.com

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