Polar Vortex Causes Fugitive to Turn Self In

Jan 7 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

All of Nashville and Tennessee have been under the advent of winter storms which was said to be caused by a ‘polar vortex‘. These storms, which had been forecast for our area had also been forecast for our neighboring state of Kentucky, where we have many friends and relatives living. Some parts of Kentucky have been even colder than what we are experiencing in our Nashville neighborhoods and around town as Louisville was at 0 degrees when we were at 8, so they beat us out as being the colder place, as we heard from our relatives on Facebook.

When we were looking at other things going on around our neighbors in Kentucky, we found the attached video (video has now been removed)  titled ‘Polar Vortex Causes Fugitive to Turn Self In’ and wanted to share it with our readers. We knew it was cold outside here, but it must be much colder there to cause this fugitive to turn his back on his successful escape to freedom in order to ‘come in out of the cold’.

After you’ve watched the video, leave us a note as to your thoughts on this incident. It’s been so cold in both the Nashville area and in neighboring Kentucky that we see warnings to ‘bring your pets in out of the cold’ so we’re not too surprised at the story in the video.

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