Hello Kitty: Sanrio Reveals Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat

August 28, 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

Hello Kitty fans, get prepared for earth-shattering news that we learned today. Oh. Say it isn’t so! You may as well tell us that Mickey is not a mouse! Or that Donald is not a duck! Or that pigs fly and that horses moo! Or that ‘Old McDonald’s Farm’ was not really a farm but just a housing project for animals of lower income.

Hello Kitty clipboard

Photo of ‘Hello Kitty’ clipboard by Nancy P. Goodman

No, we cannot believe that the old favorite toy, ‘Hello Kitty’ is not a cat! But this is what the maker and manufacturer is now saying, and that our darling ‘Hello Kitty’ is actually a girl, not a feline as we have looked upon her for now 40 years or so.

Talk about confusion, this makes us look at the world in quite a different way. To think that the things we thought we knew for so many years have now been blown away and replaced by a supposition so different as to be just like out of a book of fairy tales.

So the cat we thought we knew is not even a cat, but rather, she is a girl. Then, we may ask, why does she have whiskers? Was this just ‘make-up’? Would she happen to have a boy-friend, do you think?

We don’t know, but we, along with many in the world of toys of old, are just puzzled as to why it took so long to identify this toy as ‘not a cat’ but as ‘a female person’.

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