Janitor Throws Out $14,000 Worth Of Art – Feb 23, 2014

Feb 23, s014 originally posted by thiis author/self on Examiner.

Having sometimes stood in a Nashville unemployment line through no fault of our own, or having family and friends who were in the same situation, we can only feel sympathy for the worker mentioned in the attached video, and we think you will too. This can also come under the heading of ‘Weird News‘ which we like to write about from time to time.

On the subject of unemployment, we are wondering if the janitor in this video is now unemployed? It would seem to us that if any employee throws out several items which totals this much money, that person would likely be found next in the unemployment line at their local worker’s displacement office.

As you will see when you watch the attached video titled ‘Janitor Throws Out $14,000 Worth Of Art’, the fact of whether or not the person must now enter the unemployment line is up in the air, leaving us with several more questions about the matter. (Video is now removed).

Will the janitor face punishment or be required to pay back the amount of art now gone forever? Will the janitor ever live this down, or will it forever be attached to the future resumes when the janitor applies for other jobs?

Leave us a note after you watch the attached video and tell us your feelings on the matter. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check all the trash you throw out after you view this video.

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