Taylor Swift: Why the music industry should thank her–April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016 posted by this author/self on Examiner.

We all remember when Taylor Swift pulled her music from Apple’s web site and the resulting ‘brouhaha’ when we all feared we could not access any Taylor Swift music from iTunes. But, bingo! – when Taylor spoke, Apple listened. Apple then agreed to Taylor’s insistence that artists be paid for music, even within the trial period of new member signups.

Now things are rosy between the company and Taylor with the result that she is even making ads for Apple, and they do seem to be ‘best of friends forevermore’. So why should the music industry and musician and singer/songwriters everywhere be inspired to give a swift thanks to Taylor?

Without her voice, along with her quick actions in the matter, the rest of us would not have been able to persuade the company to relent and to change their policy to remove income from the reach of each and every singer and songwriter whose music is sold from their website, during the trial signup period for new members.

After you have watched ‘Why the Music Industry Should Thank Taylor Swift’, please leave us a note in the spaces provided below to let us know your thoughts on this matter. (video now removed)

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