Nashville: White-Out Conditions as Blizzard Moved In–Jan 5 2014

Jan 5, 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

As strongly predicted, winter storms, with the snow and wind and freezing conditions has now moved into the Nashville area. We’ve been hearing this forecast of winter storms coming for the past few days, and now it has come to reality, with conditions that are not fit for a dog to be outside in the blowing, blizzard-like snow coming down now.

Snow in Nashville

photo property of Nancy P. Goodman

We took some photos at our house of the winter storm as it arrived on our doorstep and we will show you some of them, but we are also attaching a video titled ‘Frigid Winter Storm Takes A Toll On The Northeast’ which may apply to our area by the time this blizzard winds down. (video now removed)

Thankfully, we are both retired and don’t have to get out in this snowstorm to go to a job, but we also did that for years, while our children were young and we both worked outside the home.

Please leave us comments in the space provided below and let us know how the weather is at your house. Stay safe, stay in if you can and stay warm!

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