Jonathan Jackson from ‘Nashville’ Talks About How His Character Has Changed

August 9, 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

For those readers who watch the ABC TV show ‘Nashville‘, the name of Jonathan Jackson who plays the character ‘Avery‘ will be well-known. Since the concept of the TV show which is named for it’s namesake city came on air, many of us in the Nashville area have enjoyed not only seeing it on the television screen, but also maybe seeing the actors and actresses around town as they go about their daily life, when they are not in the process of acting and filming for the show.

It was interesting to see the (formerly) attached video “Jonathan Jackson from ‘Nashville’ Talks About How His Character Has Changed”, since the inception of the ‘Nashville’ TV show, as we watched his character move from one aspect of his life to another one, which was entirely different from what was first visualized for him.

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