#NashvilleMusic Jeremy Dean 4 questions

We first met Nashville singer/songwriter Jeremy Dean a few years ago when he
made an appearance at the Best Buy store near us, and we’ve been friends
(actually since before then) as we keep up with his musical journey through
his postings on Facebook.

Here is the latest news from Jeremy Dean:

Nancy: Jeremy, what are you doing now that you LOVE?

Jeremy Dean: I have a lot going on right now, actually, and I’m LOVING all of it!
Trying to complete two personal projects, including one with the
incredibly-talented Shannon Callihan at the outstanding Dark Horse Recording,
with Jordan Logue at the helm. This one is an acoustic project consisting of some
of the songs we’ve created together…very excited about where that is headed.
Also, currently have half a dozen or so independent cuts with various other
artists working since the beginning of the year, which is always an incredible
feeling…talented artists who choose to record my songs for their projects,
which allows my songs to take flight in new and wonderful directions that
I might not otherwise be able to reach. So, a lot going on, and life is good.

Nancy: Do you have new music out?

Jeremy: Regarding specifics of new music coming out…the acoustic project with
Shannon Callihan “The Dark Horse Sessions” will be out soonest. It should
become available late Summer. I encourage people to sign up for my email
to get notified about that, and all my projects: http://www.jdeanfx.com

Nancy: What do you want to do that hasn’t happened yet?

Jeremy: In my twenty years (this month, June) in Music City, I have been able to
do a lot of what I set out to originally. I get to work with established songwriters
to hone my craft, and it is my biggest honor to write with those who had hits on
the radio when I was a kid. I sincerely mean that. These are the ones that were
writing lyrics long before fad and technology diverted the direction of what is considered a radio-ready song.

I have nothing against artists going their own direction today, but homage
should be paid to the guys and gals who wrote songs that made Nashville a
genuine songwriter town. Regarding what has not happened yet, me singing
one song at the Grand Ole Opry is still at the top of my Bucket List.
I am honored to be a part of the famous Bluebird family, and it is my favorite
playing venue for what I do. But having the opportunity to sing at the
Grand Ole Opry would be right up there.

Nancy: What is in the future?

Jeremy: Future plans include some new outlets for me, actually. I had my first
inclusion on an independent film this year, a Forbes Film called “The War Riders,”
and a song I cowrote with Tim McGeary titled “When We Fight.” The TV/Film
industry has always been of interest to me, so I have begun branching toward
TV/Film considerations and am excited about the opportunities that has also
afforded me in collaborating on songs geared and produced for that endeavor,
which is somewhat different that producing for artist/radio consideration,
at times.

Here is a link to jdeanFX – Want to record a Jeremy Dean (J. Dean Music) song?
You can obtain mechanical licenses in the U.S. through The Harry Fox Agency
(HFA). If you are making less than 2,500 copies, you can obtain a…
(see more at: jdeanfx.com)

Nancy: Thank you, Jeremy, for your time today. It’s always great catching
up with you and finding out what’s next in line for you!

Jeremy: Thank you, Nancy, for always being such an avid supporter of the
original music that makes Nashville such a great place. People the world
over come here for the songs and stories, and your support has been such
a blessing to me and the songwriters in this town. We appreciate all you
do in making this our home.

Nancy: Thanks! Until next time, then…

jeremy dean for june article dee bartee photography
Photographs by Dee Bartee Photography.
Used by permission.


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