#NashvilleMusic #CMAWeek2017 – Mary Hartman #CMAWeek

#NashvilleMusic #CMAWeek2017 via Mary Hartman who said:’GONNA BE CRA CRA! I’m 2nd Up…and JUST LOOK at the Line Up Following Me! Yeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwww! Get there Early Folks!

And Terri Jo Box said:’Tonight!!! Celebrating Maddie Anderson 21st Bday.. AND "not celebrating" George Robinson leaving us for a year. ..

With Nick Smith,  Karleen Watt, Jeanne Petersen, Olivia Rudeen, Bernie Nelson, Kensie Coppin, Jeff Anderson, Madeleine, Frank Maroney, Brandon Jenikns, Andrew Rollins, Chris Bullard, Kristen Kuiper, Jared Hard, Lala Deaton, George Shingleton, Branden Martin, Chris Cole

Nashville Music Venue

The Blue Bar

1911 Broadway,

Nashville, TN USA
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