#NashvilleMusic – 4 questions with Randy Moore

randy moore photo blue plate 3

Our conversation today is with Randy Moore who graciously answered our 4 questions.

Nancy: What are you doing these days that you absolutely LOVE?

Randy Moore:  I am living a very simple life. I play my music for my full time living.
I have a woman who is my best friend and worships the ground I walk on. I want for nothing, I love my life.

Nancy: Any new music out?

Randy: My latest album is “Hwy 59”. Released October 1, 2016 and is my greatest
music to date. It is an independent release that I initially recorded for my own
personal satisfaction. The songs are now getting tons of airplay and are finding
their way into people’s lives that I could not have predicted nor orchestrated.
The most popular singles to emerge from “Hwy 59” are “Sunshine State Of Mind”
and “Refuge” both are Trop-Rock chart toppers. “Paw” a tribute to my Dad.
“Things I Like” which is my simple stream of consciousness set to music. And a
semi-pop tune entitled “When A Woman Gets the Blues”.
The record features 10 songs and each of them come from my life as I have known it up to this point (except the one song about double-murder, “Santa Monica Pier”).

Nancy: What haven’t you done yet that you want to?

Randy: I have no answer for the question, ‘what haven’t you done yet that you want to?’  In retrospect, I have gotten to do just about everything I’ve ever wanted to do in the entertainment industry. It’s been and continues to be great! The best thing, I have no expectations or ambitions beyond the things I do today. When I was a younger person, I was like everyone else. I chased the elusive ‘deals’, I was always not quite close enough to obtain them, basically, it was a waste of time.
Maybe I was chasing something I didn’t really want to catch. This question of,
‘what haven’t you done yet that you want to?’ reminds me of the many souls
I have encountered who ask me, “Why aren’t you in the big time, on the big stage,
on television, being a big star?” My answer has always been, “If I was doing that
then you and I would never have a chance to meet like this, and I we would not
be having this conversation right now, and I would be too far removed by
backstage passes, security guards, and tour buses to enjoy your company.”

Nancy: What do you see in the future?

Randy: I am living the future right now. I have no alternate plans or grand schemes.
I don’t like a lot of change so I don’t believe in looking ahead. I have come to learn that it is best to not put the past in your way today, and not put the future in your way tomorrow. Seeing the future is not easy, I’m pretty sure I will need to get stronger glasses to wear.

Nancy: Thanks so much for taking time to answer our questions, Randy!
Also: we see your website is at www.highway59records.com with everything on it! And we can connect with you on your Facebook page at: Randy C. Moore. Have a great day and thanks again!

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