Flooding on South Valley Rd, Hendersonville, TN at dead end holding pond/retention pond July 7, 2016. Photos by Nancy P. Goodman.

See more at: Flooding issues/videos/ Holding Pond with videos from 2011.

July 7, 2016 Early morning, overnight hours after much rain and several rainstorms. At the dead end of South Valley Rd in Hendersonville, TN (Sumner County) – turn right onto South Valley Road off Two Valley Rd/Twin Valley Subdivision – go to dead end – past dead end – off road holding pond/retention pond which is located on City property.

The creek bed in front of our houses along South Valley Rd, Hendersonville, Tn, Sumner County, once again flooded due to excess rain and overnight storms.

There is a ‘holding pond/retention pond’ built on City property, which was designed to hold excess runoff, and the Industrial Complex built on Molly Walton Rd, (off Free Hill Rd) in Hendersonville, Tn Sumner County, was designed to have it’s drainage drained into the Holding pond/retention pond which eventually drains into the creek bed in front of our houses on South Valley Rd.

I was told by the City several years ago this is a problem which belongs to the Hendersonville Industrial Development board as they were responsible for building the Industrial Complex on Molly Walton Rd, and having the drainage come through our creek bed (which used to be a ‘summer dry’ creek bed.

The City or Industrial board did arrange to ‘widen’ our creek bed (in 2011) and did some work on the holding pond to prevent it becoming a lake again, including removal of several beavers which had chopped down trees and stopped up the drainage tiles, which made the water from the holding pond to run over the top of the dam, and not through the pipes/tiles built to release the water slowly.

The drainage from the ‘holding pond/retention pond’ is coming out from 2 smaller pipes/tiles, somewhat, but is barely coming out of the largest of the tiles. (As shown in the attached photos.)

If you are on the Hendersonville Bypass traveling toward Center Point Road from New Shackle Island entrance ramp, before you come to the exit toward Gallatin Road, look to the left, see the industrial complex on molly Walton Road, look back to your right, there is a ’35 MPH orange or yellow sign’. Stop there on the side of the road, you may be able to see the holding pond if the trees and weeds are not too tall. There is also a camera thereabouts. In wintertime when the foliage is dried and we can see through there, you can see the ‘holding/retention pond from the bypass without any problem.

The flooding occurred during the night this time so I didn’t get movies or photos like i do when it happens in daylight.

We didn’t know our garage got flooded until my husband looked out and around the house and saw evidence the yard had been flooded, then went to the garage and saw the water had been up in there.

It is under our house, about 4 to 6 inches or so, and we have a small sump pump working now to drain the crawl space.

I would like to know if the runoff we see in our creek bed has been tested by the EPA for industrial chemicals and such which could be harmful to the health of the area residents of this subdivision.

At times of excess rain and/or thunderstorms, we experience flooding of our driveways, around our houses, underneath our houses, and sometimes, if it’s a lot of rain, into our garage and/or cars

This occurred in the dark, so I have no photos at the time it was flooding, but I have photos taken of the ‘after-effects’ I saw when I did a survey this morning.

Some photos are attached.
Nancy Goodman, owner of NancyG43blog.com

When the ditch was worked on Jan 2011:

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———————————————————————————————————————————-Photos from 2011 previously published are shown below:

Flooding issues on South Valley Rd; Hendersonville, TN, including holding pond /retention pond at dead end with drainage coming from Industrial complex on Molly Walton Road, Hendersonville.

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Flooding on S. Valley Rd,
August 8 2013

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