Nashville TV Show: Season 2 Finale and Season 3 opener, written July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

As summer moves on along to the coming fall, many of the residents in Nashville will start looking for new episodes and the newest season of our favorite ‘Nashville’ TV show to come back on the tube. Along with the new season may also come several opportunities for us to show off our acting abilities, as we take every chance we get to appear as ‘background extras’ for the TV show which is taped here in Nashville.

On several dates of the ‘Nashville’ TV show’s taping, we were booked as ‘extras’ last season, and although it is a tiring day, it is lots of fun to see, first-hand, just how the show is made and to be able to see it from the ‘outside-in’.

Watching the ‘Nashville’ TV show as it is being put together is an interesting experience and one that many others around town have been able to take part in, too. Along with stirring up our ambitions for acting, we have also been able to make many new friends through the long days of waiting around for the next ‘scene’ that we may appear in, along with the others who are waiting there too.

Now we are remembering the season 2 Finale show, and we recall that both ‘Luke’ and ‘Deacon’ proposed to ‘Rayna’, so the outcome of that question is up for grabs in the new Season 3 opener for the ‘Nashville’ TV show. We also remember that ‘Juliette’ was pregnant, and it was said to not her steady boyfriend, Avery’s, baby.

What does the coming Season 3 for the Nashville TV show hold? We are not sure, but the excitement will certainly be building up, with anticipation at a high end as we await the show’s season opener which should be coming in September, only about two more months to wait. (Photos have been removed)

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