Once Upon A Hot Summer Day…

By: Nancy P. Goodman
(posted July 23, 2018)

#NashvilleActors  4 years ago! It was a hot July day! and we were ‘background extras’ on the TV show ‘Nashville’. This took place near Franklin Tennessee, in Lieper’s Fork at an old grocery store there.

We originally were to be ‘elderly couple seated in rocking chairs on the porch’ but they changed the script and then had us as ‘elderly couple seated at a picnic table’. We didn’t care, it was all fun and games, in spite of the heat that day!

We drove our old truck (which, thank goodness, was air conditioned) and the truck itself was supposed to be used in some scenes, but they never got around to that…

We were ‘outstanding in our field’ on a hot summer day with Kyler Wilson in charge. of the background extras. Kyler got sunburned until he finally got a hat to cover the old noggin…We literally stood in the hot broiling sun for some of the time we had to wait…

We did get to eat with the Nashville cast and crew that day as there were so few of us at that location…

Ahhh…bring back ‘Nashville’ TV show, y’all!! We’re gonna miss it!!


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