Once Upon A Hot Summer Day…

By: Nancy P. Goodman (posted July 23, 2018) #NashvilleActors  4 years ago! It was a hot July day! and we were 'background extras' on the TV show 'Nashville'. This took place near Franklin Tennessee, in Lieper's Fork at an old grocery store there. We originally were to be 'elderly couple seated in rocking chairs on... Continue Reading →

‘All Saints’ movie – a review

Of course some may call us prejudiced, but when we attended the premiere screening for the new movie 'All Saints' at the Malco Smryna Cinema in Smyrna, Tennessee, on August 3, 2017 - we were really impressed with how great it turned out to be. Told from the perspective of the new minister of the... Continue Reading →

Background Extras: When to start…

Background  actor extras - When to start? Anytime is a good time! As it's probably not going to be a full-time paying job - unless you go professional,  - (such as being a card-carrying SAG/Aftra  member which gives you more pay for what you do) - but IF you have the free time to devote to... Continue Reading →

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