Scotty McCreery: answers to some questions on Twitter …

Oct 17 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

One of our favorites from the American Idol show is one-time winner Scotty McCreery and we like to post photos of this personable young singer when we can. He has had several popular songs and made many appearances in Nashville, especially at the Grand Ole Opry. From the Grand Ole Opry, here was a Tweet about a recent appearance:

Grand Ole Opry ‏@opry Tweeted: “We never get tired of saying this… Hey @ScottyMcCreery! We’ll #SeeYouTonight! #Opry You #FeelinIt?”

You can watch the (formerly) attached video as Scotty McCreery answers questions on Twitter, plus the attached photo slideshow from Getty Images as Scotty McCreery performs during ‘FOX & Friends’ All American Concert Series outside of FOX Studios on July 11, 2014 in New York City.

All the local teenaged hearts (and some older ones) are a-flutter when they see this young man in concert. We are not sure where we might see him next appear, but watch for him as he sets the music world aflame with his music video’s and with his hit songs.

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