We Remember When Taylor Swift Was Country

January 24, 2016
By Nancy P. Goodman
originally posted on Examiner.com by this author/self

Do you remember when Taylor Swift lived in Nashville and was a big country music star? We remember it well, and in the not-so-distant past, we constantly heard both the new plus the ‘old’ country music by our favorite young entertainer on many of our local country music radio stations. Now – after she has switched to ‘Pop’ music – we can only hear her ‘old’ recordings on our local stations, which are only going to play the country variety of music.

We live in Taylor Swift’s ‘hometown’ of Hendersonville, Tennessee and one day in the last week or so, as we ate in one of the local restaurants, we heard one of her first country hits playing over the radio. That was ‘Teardrops on My Guitar’.

We certainly miss the days of hearing new country sounds and inspirations from Taylor Swift, and in fact, we spoke with one of our country music disc jockey friends when Taylor’s album, ‘1989’ first came out. Here is the question we asked: ‘Do you have any of Taylor Swift’s new songs in a country format which you can play on your country music station?’

Our disc jockey friend said: ‘No, I understand she is not going to release any of this new album in a country format at all.’

So what do her country music fans do? Always play the ‘oldies, but goodies’; and hope for a better day of music which we can enjoy on our local country format stations? Or switch to listen to a ‘Pop’ radio station format? We, as part of her huge fandom, will keep you posted.

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