Taylor Swift: to take break after 1989 tour

October 16, 2015 originally posted on Examiner.com by this author/self.

No, say it isn’t so. We recently heard that former-Nashville entertainer Taylor Swift has plans to take a break from music after her current 1989 world tour is finished. Upon thinking about it, it could be that our favorite young singer has come to a time and a place where she may want to sit down, think a bit, and really take stock of her life.

Driven to succeed from a very young age, it’s been a ‘hustle and go’ life for this singer/songwriter for a number of years now. When does the ‘hurry-up and go’ process slow down for an entertainer of this stature?

With the many hit records, videos, concerts and world tours that Taylor Swift has had since she first came to Nashville and started on that ‘miles-long’ trek to success, it would have to be wearing on anyone’s body, even though she is only now in her mid-twenties.

Where does she go from here? There are so many successes now in her life and so many awards. What happens to your goals and the meaning of life when you’ve already reached such pinnacles of success at such a relatively young age?

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