Taylor Swift ‘Obsessed’ With Acoustic Mashup of Two of Her ‘1989’ Songs

Jan 16, 2015 originally posted on Examiner by this author/self.

When Taylor Swift’s latest album ‘1989’ was released, her fans anxiously awaited the popular singer’s newest songs to be played over the air on the radio and over the internet. Two of her fans (who are themselves singers in Nashville) then proceeded to record a ‘mashup’ of a couple of their favorite songs.

Louisa Wendorff and Devin Dawson were both students at Nashville’s Belmont College when they got together and recorded this project which has lately hit the internet by storm.

At the time the attached video about “Taylor Swift ‘Obsessed’ With Acoustic Mashup of Two of Her ‘1989’ Songs” was made the number of views on the ‘Mashup’ was quoted as being over 1 million; however, now there have been more than 12 million views on their YouTube recording for the Taylor Swift mashup.

A recent article in Glamour magazine which is titled ‘Meet Louisa Wendorff, the Girl Behind That Addictive Taylor Swift Mash-Up‘, written by Caitlin Brody, gives a little background on Louisa and how she and Devin came to record the mashup. We find Louisa Wendorff on Facebook, and on Twitter, and we are able to keep up with her activities through her Facebook account.

See the amazing video mashup of ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Style’ on the YouTube channel for Louisa Wendorff. But be warned, you, too, may become ‘obsessed’ (like Taylor Swift) with this rendition of two of the popular Taylor Swift songs from her ‘1989’ album. Even this writer finds the mashup video absolutely mesmerizing and addictive.

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