Taylor Swift Trademarks Lyrics From Her Latest Album 1989

Feb 15, 2015 originally posted on Examiner by this author/self.

When our favorite young former-Nashville singer and entertainer brought her latest album out, with this album Taylor Swift, not only changed genres but also decided she would protect some of her investment by putting a trademark on several of the lyrics from the album ‘1989’.

In the attached video we see ‘Taylor Swift Trademarks Lyrics From Her Latest Album 1989′, and you can understand why Taylor Swift would do this if you realized that there are people who constantly strive to make money from her shows and tours by trying to latch onto some of the particular names of lyrics that she wrote and sang in one of her popular tunes and try to sell product at or near her shows which are not the real thing.

In the (formerly) attached photoshow, we see what is actually ‘not the real thing of Taylor, herself,’ as the photographer shows us the display of the wax figure of Taylor Swift as it was unveiled at Madame Tussauds on February 10, 2015 in London, England.

Leave us a note and tell us your favorite song from ‘1989’ in the spaces below.

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