Taylor Swift: Best Musician of the Year 2014

Dec 25, 2014 originally posted on Examiner by this author/self.

Is Taylor Swift the best musician of the year 2014? In our opinion, it’s true. No one can ‘out-Taylor-Swift’ her. Try as they might, none of the other popular singers, songwriters and entertainers can quite make it to the same level. Taylor Swift is simply in a league of her own, and she is constantly re-defining any genre of music as she chooses.

Country music couldn’t hold her, her heart was going ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ Even Nashville couldn’t hold her. She now belongs to New York City which has taken her in whole-heartedly. Writer Brian Mansfield, in a December 24th USA Today article titled ‘Musician of the Year: Taylor Swift‘ says: ‘If Taylor Swift wasn’t the world’s biggest pop star at the beginning of 2014, she certainly was by the end.’ We do agree.

You can view the (formerly) attached video titled ‘No One Dances to Taylor Swift Songs in the Car Harder Than Taylor Swift’ and just imagine being in the car with Taylor Swift as she rocks out to her own songs. Also included here is a 13-photo slideshow which is from Getty Images of Taylor Swift as she performs during the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2014.

Billboard lists Taylor Swift as number 1 on their Artist 100 chart with Billboard now giving her the ninth week on top of this chart. We only foresee great things for our favorite young former-Nashville resident, now New Yorker, Miss Taylor Swift.

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