Q&A Session and Meet Breaux Gargano Nashville singer

Oct 25, 2011 originally posted on Examiner.com by this author/self.

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Breaux Gargano Nashville singer and songwriter

Breaux Gargano Nashville singer and songwriter

Photo courtesy of Breaux Gargano

These are some questions we sent out to our Facebook friend, Breaux Gargano, singer/songwriter who lives in Nashville so we could get to know him better and to let his fans know what’s going on with his music career in Nashville.

Q, Breaux, thanks for taking your time to answer a few questions about yourself. To start with, where are you from originally and how long have you been in Nashville?

A: I’m originally from the Binghamton, NY area. It’s a small city in upstate NY, about 3 to 4 hours drive from NYC. I’ve been in the Nashville area for 2 years now, having moved to Hermitage in November 2009 and then to East Nashville in September of 2010. I absolutely LOVE East Nashville!

Q. What type of music were you inspired by while growing up?

A. I’ve been inspired by so many types of music, but Rock N’ Roll takes the cake. From Classic Rock to Modern Pop/Rock and everything in between. This will probably surprise anyone who hears my music, but of all of the music that I listened to as a kid, it was the Heavy Metal band Megadeth that made me decide that I wanted to play guitar….and I still enjoy listening to them! When you listen to my songwriting you will mostly hear Pop/Rock and in my guitar playing, you will hear Blues Rock. Always my two favorites

Q. What artist would you liken yourself to?

A. The musical comparisons that I use most, and get most from others who hear me, are Matchbox20, Collective Soul, and the Goo Goo Dolls. For my guitar playing, my most noticeable influences are David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Jimi Hendrix, and Slash.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

A. In 10 years I see myself making music and loving life with my family. I hope to have reached a nationwide (or bigger) audience by then and be touring across the country. I want to spread my music and my love while enjoying this beautiful land of ours and having a wonderful home life with a supportive family.

Q. What about your family? Does anyone else in the family play and/or sing?

A. Music in my family is rare. It’s really my thing and quite frankly, it’s taken until my adult life to get most of my family to be on board with the whole adventure. That being said my Grandmother on my father’s side remarried and moved to Chicago after she and my Grandfather got divorced. She and her husband owned a music shop/school there and were always EXTREMELY supportive of my music. She sent me wonderful care packages with guitar strings and straps. I always looked forward to receiving those She played and taught piano and her husband, Val Stevens, was an accomplished Jazz singer.

My wife Heather is my biggest supporter these days. She’s not a musician, but she is a music lover and has always been the one person who understood enough about the way music makes me feel to back me up on it no matter what.

Q. Everyone has an American Dream. What is your own American Dream?

A. My American Dream is my life. I’m one of the few who are lucky enough to be living it. I have a wonderful wife (working on a wonderful family), a beautiful house, and I’m pursuing my passion. Everyday I get closer to making music my sole way of making a living. That’s my American Dream.

Q. Tell us how to locate your webpages online, would you, Breaux? (And we wish you much success in attaining your own American Dream, that would be great for you and Heather!)

A. I’m working on my own personal page, which I plan to have up this weekend (plan is the key word here, but things are looking good!). That site will be www.BreauxGargano.com. in the meantime, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, and MySpace.

Here are those sites:





If you can manage to remember the spelling of my name, I happen to be the only one on the internet! Trust me, I’ve checked. So plug in Breaux Gargano into whatever networking site you use and you’ll find me. And keep posted for the official launch of BreauxGargano.com!

Q.. Do you have music online for your fans to listen to?

A. I do have music online for my fans, and potential fans, to check out. You can find it on any of the pages listed above as well as my web page once it’s up. I have 3 acoustic/vocal tracks posted, “Much Stronger”, “Will You Still Love Me”, and “Why Did You Leave”.

There’s also a 6 minute sampler of my 7 full band tracks from my debut album, “One Way”. It’s called “One Way Preview” and it’s got about 40 to 60 seconds of each full band track. All 10 of the tracks are on the CD. That way there’s something for everyone and you’ll get to hear a bit of how these songs started out before I pulled out the electric guitar and put a full band behind them

Q. Add in anything else you’d like to say, Breaux.

A. I appreciate the opportunity to tell everyone about myself and my music. Music isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am. It’s all I’ve ever known and the one thing that I’ve always been good at. It’s the way I communicate.

The message that I want everyone to hear is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I write about life, and it’s not just my life, it’s yours too. It’s everyone’s. Our paths may vary, but our feelings, emotions, and life experiences are what we share. Listen to my songs and share in my joy and my sadness, and let me share in yours

Q. Breaux, thanks so much for the interview to let your fans know more about you!

A. Thanks again Nancy, I really appreciate this opportunity! You are so wonderful and a true supporter!

Q. Thank you so much, Breaux, we appreciate the kind comments!


You can see another article we wrote about our Facebook friend Breaux Gargano here.

Stay tuned for more on Breaux Gargano, and if you see him scheduled to appear at one of the many music venues in and around Music City and Nashville, check Breaux (pronouced Bro) and his music out!

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