Record Breaking Cold for Nashville

Feb 21, 2015 originally posted on Examiner by this author/self.

Nashville has experienced a culmination of not only cold temperatures, but also several snow falls, along with sleet, freezing rain and ice which effectively closed all of the Nashville-area schools for a week. In the attached video ‘Record Breaking Cold for Nashville’ you will see more information about this record-breaking event.

We have attached some photos in a slideshow that we made when we finally were able to get out of the house and around after three days stuck at home. Of course, being retired and not having to be anywhere at a specific time certainly helped, but we were happy to be able to go out and eat lunch in a more-or-less normal manner by day four of the February 2015 snowstorm week.

Nashville Snowstorm Feb 2015

Nashville Snowstorm Feb 2015Nashville Snowstorm Feb 2015Nashville Snowstorm Feb 2015Nashville Snowstorm Feb 2015

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