Nashville Singer and Songwriter Jeremy Dean: Featured Q & A series

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Jeremy Dean Update April 20, 2015

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We first featured Nashville singer and songwriter, Jeremy Dean in one of our articles as far back as 2011:

Q&A Jeremy Dean, Nashville singer ‘American Dream’ –
Sept 23, 2011 … Today’s Q&A session is with a friend from Facebook,Nashville singer, songwriter and producer,Jeremy Dean.

A lot has happened since that time, and we needed to bring our readers an update on the life and career of this young man. Today’s article reflects his answers as we fielded some questions for him to respond to as he lets us know what’s happening in his world, here and now.

Q: Jeremy, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today and for answering some questions for our viewers. Would you tell us – what is the news for you and your career today?

A: “Nancy, as it turns out, I spend a great deal of time writing, which happens to be my number one passion. The biggest honor for me is that I’ve been able to co-write with songwriters who had hits on the radio back when I was just a kid, so I’ve spent some of my time in the last few years doing just that. Then I have also managed to lock in some quality time on some solo-written lyrics, plus I have been getting several recordings done to help in promoting a portion of the unrecorded songs in my catalog to potential artists. And speaking of other artists, I was notified in March that the Country artist from South Africa, Jason Bradley, who had recorded seven of my songs on his ‘Dirt Road’ project, was awarded ‘Album of the Year’ there, so that was a nice boost, seeing the reach of great songs being acknowledged around the world.”

Q: I see you are still doing the Songwriter Feature Series, tell me what you like best about doing this?

A: “As you know, I have been hosting songwriter events in the Nashville area since 2010, through NashvilleEar and theSongwriterFeatureSeries. It is amazing to have the opportunity to meet songwriting talent both domestically and internationally, but I think the biggest benefit to what I do in hosting these events is what is actually taking place right now. We are hosting a monthly SongwriterFeatureSeries event at the Pavilion Coffee House in Madison, Tennessee. The Pavillion Coffee House organization has adopted a city block of Nashville, at 12th and Wedgewood, and they take a semi-truck down there a couple times a month, delivering food and necessities to those less fortunate. The money raised from their concessions at PCH, during their free shows each weekend goes totally to that outreach. That said, it’s a great, ‘vibey’ listening venue for songwriters to get their music heard plus having the ability to promote a worthy cause at the same time. Those are benefits with eternal rewards. Truly.”

Q: What do you consider your ‘best success’ since we last ‘talked’?

A: “An artist named Trae Edwards cut four of my songs in 2012. I had a chance to catch up with him recently, and he relayed several stories about one of my songs that he recorded, ‘Every Little Piece of My Heart.’ One man notified him that he had proposed to his girlfriend with that song, and I think that’s amazing. Probably 80% of my catalog is patterned after the same great approach to love that my songwriting hero, Paul Overstreet, tends to direct his lyrics. So, compliments like that are always a huge lift.

But one poignant story that he also told me about that song was directly related to a girl who had contacted him on his social media to tell him that after she heard the song, it was the reason she did not commit suicide. That’s deep, that’s heavy, that real. That’s why I do what I do. I can write about anything, but at the end of the day, when a song that has always been one of the deepest from my own heart directly reflects on another heart that directly, that’s just the purest revelation of the motive behind my passion to write.”

Q: Jeremy, that is an awesome thing to hear, that your songwriting has impacted someone’s life that deeply! Would you like to share with us some of the future endeavors which might be coming up for you soon?

A: “You know, Nancy, I am an independent songwriter, and I do realize that the music scene is such an ever-changing variable – I know that the obstacles for discovery and pitching songs to the right ears for artists is just such a constant maze. I think when anyone who does anything passionately reaches that point where they find contentment doing what they do – to the level of success they can sleep with at night – everything beyond that is an additional reward.”

Q: Jeremy, I suppose you could also say, everything beyond that point of being satisfied and knowing you have done a ‘job well done’ would be the ‘gravy’, or the added ‘extra’ or ‘bonus’ which is not necessary, but is also – sometimes – very nice to have.

A: “That is true. I am at a point now, where I would really like to be able to connect with the right promoter who could relieve me of some of the production, pitching and business aspects of what I do, so that I can more fully concentrate on the purpose of what I do…writing.”

Q: Thank you so much for your time, today, Jeremy Dean. Is there anything else you want to add in?

A: “Nancy, I do appreciate the care and effort you put into promoting the artists and those of us in the industry who do what we do. It’s voices like yours that are such a great pat on the back, and the word you spread is always genuine and a huge promotion of kindness toward us, and I just want to thank you for all you do for us!”

Q: Thanks so much and you are always so welcome for anything I can do; I enjoy being able to help promote such an inspiring artist as yourself, and we will plan on being at the next SongwriterFeatureSeries event at the Pavillion Coffee House in Madison to hear you sing some of your own songs and to hear the other artists whom you will be featuring on that night.

You can catch up with Nashville singer and songwriter, Jeremy Dean online at:

Jeremy Dean, Musician on Facebook

Jeremy Dean website

Jeremy’s SongwriterFeatureSeries on Facebook

Jeremy Dean Update April 20, 2015Jeremy Dean Update April 20, 2015Jeremy Dean Update April 20, 2015Jeremy Dean Update April 20, 2015Jeremy Dean Update April 20, 2015

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