‘Nashville’ TV Show cast is off for the summer to tour

May 17 2015 originally posted on Examiner.com by this author/self.

It appears to us that Nashville‘s own local and transplanted songwriters and singers have a great opportunity to see demonstrations of their craft displayed weekly on the TV show,‘Nashville’. So as we watch the ‘Nashville’ series go from week to week, starting in September and ending in May (with some weeks as time-off during the depth of winter) we are sometimes amazed at the antics of this crew of characters on the show. We can see the beginnings of the idea for a song, then the writing of a song, putting it down onto paper, crafting the lyrics and the melody and sometimes, then, hearing the ‘songwriter’ perform the song just for us – at times with just a solo rendition, other times in front of a crowd at the Bluebird Cafe or the Grand Ole Opry.

One of our favorites on the ‘Nashville’ TV show is Claire Bowen who plays the part of Scarlett O’Connor, niece to Deacon Claybourne. One of Scarlett’s songs, ‘Black Roses’ is really good and even inspired us to write a song about that song. We think the character of Scarlett O’Connor is a bit flimsy on the show and we’d really like to see it ‘fleshed out’ somewhat as the next season comes along. We are not sure than she and Gunnar Scott (played by Sam Palladio) will ever get back together, although on one front – the singing end of it – they seem perfectly well matched.

A great example of the talent gathered together on the ‘Nashville’ TV series can be seen in the enclosed video with this article. ‘Nashville’ Actors to Sing Live in Premiere’ from the first of season three, showcased several of the group of actors who make up the cast. The show is taped on location, in Nashville, the city which is the namesake for the show.

The tour of the ‘Nashville’ TV show cast appears to be over for now (Nashville Live in Concert Tour 2015) but if you are a fan of these performers, you should keep an eye out for the next scheduled appearances around and about.

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