Q&A Jeremy Dean, Nashville singer ‘American Dream’

Sept 23 2011, originally posted on Examiner.com by this author/self

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Jeremy Dean Nashville singer songwriter producer has an American Dream
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Dean

Jeremy Dean Nashville singer songwriter producer has an American Dream

Jeremy Dean

Today’s Q&A session is with a friend from Facebook, Nashville singer, songwriter and producer, Jeremy Dean.
We posed some questions to Jeremy so we could learn more about him.

Q. Where are you from, Jeremy?

A. Oklahoma

‘Jeremy’s Nashville journey began in 1997, when he was discovered in Oklahoma by Eddy Bolton, tenor singer for the legendary Southern Gospel farmily, The Speers. Eddy obtained Jeremy as the third member of a Southern Gospel trio that he traveled with until 1999, at which time Jeremy decided to take some time off the road to concentrate on songwriting and begin a new journey in audio production.

See more on Jeremy Dean and read his full bio at:www.jdeanfx.com

Q. What artist would you liken your style of playing/singing/songwriting to?

A. My all-time biggest influence as a songwriter is Paul Overstreet.

Q. Everyone has ‘an American Dream’. What is your American Dream?

A. My American dream is to be able to sit on the porch of a summer cabin in Colorado and write great songs.

Q. Any other folks who sing,play or write with you that we should know about?

A. …There are alot of incredible people with a lot of incredible stories, who write songs. …NashvilleEar.com, which started out as one man’s (Steve McNaron) hobby and grew into a site that now gets about 100 new hits per day, it is a resource for independent songwriters…!

6. Tell us a little more about you, Jeremy?

A. My motto is “The life of the singer is the song.”

I am involved in various aspects of music, but songwriting is my passion. It’s an amazing gift from God to be able to relay meaning to people through lyric. I have songs of hope, inspiration, sadness, blues, love, and love lost…all aspects of every daily living…and I love to write about those things…meeting people right where they are.

Q. Thank you to singer, songwriter, producer Jeremy Dean of Nashville and good luck to you in your career in music in Music City USA.

A. That’s great! I really appreciate it!

We listened and enjoyed Jeremy Dean’s music on his webpage at


You can also find a running schedule of his upcoming appearances and his Twitter feed on his webpage.


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