Nashville Businesses Were Hit Hard By Snow, Ice

March 15, 2015 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

Snowstorm Feb & March 2015

March 15, 20158:56 AM MST

  • All photos here are property of Nancy P. Goodman.

Snowstorm Feb & March 2015Snowstorm Feb & March 2015Snowstorm Feb & March 2015Snowstorm Feb & March 2015Snowstorm Feb & March 2015Snowstorm Feb & March 2015Snowstorm Feb & March 2015

With the recent bad weather and almost two straight weeks of ice, snow and below freezing temperatures, we are sure that many of Nashville‘s downtown businesses that rely on the influx of thousands of tourists for bringing in money and trade have been devastated with the loss of customers on a daily basis.

Snowstorm Feb & March 2015

Snowstorm Feb & March 2015  Photos by: Nancy P. Goodman

The (formerly) attached video ‘Nashville Business Hit Hard By Snow, Ice’ shows what can happen when the snow and ice comes and scares tourists away from our town. If a restaurant or downtown business doesn’t have enough customers to keep them going, then some of the employees are likely to get laid off or not be able to work enough hours to make ends meet, while the owners are scurrying around trying to drum up more business, even through freezing temperatures and ice-covered sidewalks.

Now with spring only a few days away, we hope the snow and ice are gone for this winter time and the Nashville businesses that were badly affected by the weather will soon recover.

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